This is the argument that never ends, yes it goes on and on, my friend.

Organic vs Not Organic

Whole vs Processed

Me vs Him

This, essentially, is the argument. I would call it a debate but it is far from civil. We get nasty. It is like The Clash of The Titans: I turn into a big green, tree-hugging monster and he turns into an artificially flavored food product exploding all over the room. Really.Not.Pretty.

I made a mistake. I fell in love with a man who I have virtually nothing in common with. (I assure you this was not my plan, but that is a story for a later date.) This would not have been such a big deal, however we reproduced. Twice. Which now means we have precious little lives to protect and BIG IMPORTANT DECISIONS to make. CONSTANTLY.

We rarely agree on anything, but the main argument could pretty much boil down to one thing. Food. No, seriously. We argue about food all of the time. Sounds silly right?

ME: Organic food loving vegetarian who is learning more and more about GMOs and how they may not be all they have cracked up to be.

HIM: Not so much.

This was our most recent food related argument, in a nutshell:

Me: Babe, do you think all of the chemicals and genetic engineering that is going into our foods are leading to more and more children having food allergies? And what about what the day care lady said about how many kids have asthma and need nebulizer treatments-do you think its because of all the freaky stuff that has been being done to our foods over the past 30 years?

Him: No.

Me: But Babe, they didn’t have all of the processed, dyed and bizarre stuff we eat 60 years ago. No one was allergic to anything. I think its really important that we get more organic and non GMO foods into our children. Don’t you? I mean the hormones and the antibiotics and…

Him: No. I don’t think that’s it. And I think we live in a fear-based society. In 10 years they’ll be saying that Organic and non GMO foods cause cancer and all kinds of freaky illnesses.

Me: I’m confident that will never happen.

Him: Of course you are, because you’re a hippie.



**Disclosure – The actual conversation may or may not have been littered with “colorful” language and/or insults based on food choices. I can’t fully remember because I had turned into a big, green, tree-hugging monster.**






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